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Al Jazeera – Inside Story: Can the UK’s Labour Party heal its internal divisions? 


I suspect the leaks of being a Corbynite or hard left smear, given the nature of some of the comments and views, though interesting nonetheless.

September 24, 2022

An Al Jazeera investigation has exposed accusations of dirty tricks and manipulation within the UK’s opposition Labour Party. A trove of internal documents, emails and social media messages show how unelected officials undermined former leader Jeremy Corbyn, and anyone who supported him. Can Labour heal its internal divisions? And with British politics in turmoil, could the allegations hurt the party’s chances of returning to power?

Presenter: Imran Khan Guests: Alex Nunns – former speech writer for Jeremy Corbyn John Curtice – Professor of Politics, University of Strathclyde Jonathan Lis – Political commentator and deputy director, British Influence

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