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Michael Portillo: Great Canadian Railway Journeys #2/15 – From Pictou to Prince Edward Island


Steered by his 1899 Appleton’s Guide to Canada, Michael Portillo continues his journey through Canada’s maritime provinces towards Quebec City.

In the picturesque harbour town of Pictou, Nova Scotia, he discovers that the first wave of Scots to settle in New Scotland arrived on board a ship named Hector. Aboard a proud replica of the 18th-century vessel, he hears of their gruelling 11-week voyage across the Atlantic and is invited to join young dancers in a Scottish reel.

At the Northumberland Fisheries Museum, Michael investigates what it takes to keep Nova Scotia’s top export on the menu. The hatchery has boosted stock levels of lobster in the Northumberland Strait to a record high and Michael helps by releasing a mother back into her natural habitat. From Caribou, Michael catches the ferry to Prince Edward Island to meet its most famous resident, Anne of Green Gables, at her beautifully-kept home. Charmed by the red-haired orphan and her tales of temper, he heads to the Confederation Theatre in PEI’s provincial capital, Charlottetown, to see her record breaking musical. Following the island’s famous red roads, Michael arrives at the Red Shores Racetrack where they’re preparing for an evening harness race. Champion driver, Kenny Arsenault, takes Michael out for a hair-raising spin

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