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Red Dwarf – #54 – S09E02: Back To Earth #2/3


This Episode

“Part Two” begins with the discovery that the Red Dwarf crew inhabit an “invalid dimension”. Zeroing in on the nearest valid reality, the portal sucks the crew to Earth in 2009, only to find that in this world, their adventures have been turned into a fictional television show called Red Dwarf. As a result of the discovery they quickly accept that they themselves are merely fictional characters, and find a DVD of the “Back to Earth” special. They are alarmed to discover that they are to die at the end of the final part. They resolve to track down their creators and plead for more life. While on a bus, Lister meets two kids who are fans of the show and who reassure him that, despite all of his faults, he is a heroic and cool character to them. They also share a theory about Kochanski’s fate – since Kryten was the only person who actually witnessed her supposed ‘death’, it seems likely that Kochanski simply tired of Lister and left Red Dwarf, with Kryten telling Lister she had died to spare his feelings. Lister later confronts Kryten about this and Kryten admits that the children are correct. Bartikovsky informs Rimmer that it is not wrong to kill a hologram, so he pushes her under a bus.

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