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Hazell: #3 – S01E03 – Nicholas Ball, Roddy McMillan – Hazell and the Walking Blur


Episodes 1 and 2 not currently available

Watch soon as may disappear

Hazell is a British television series that ran from 1978–1979, about a fictional private detective named James Hazell. James Hazell was a cockney private detective character created by journalist and novelist Gordon Williams and footballer Terry Venables, who wrote under the joint pseudonym of P.B.Yuill.[1] The first book, Hazell Plays Solomon, appeared in 1974.[2]

“Hazell Plays Solomon” was also the first episode of the TV series.[3] The wise-cracking private detective was played by Nicholas Ball.[4] Hazell was a smart parody of earlier film-noir detectives such as Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade, the casting of Ball in the title role made for a younger TV Hazell than the printed Hazel MORE AT LINK

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  1. James Cheney permalink
    19/11/2022 13:05

    Superb show. Too bad YouTube pulled the plug on the person hosting it.


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