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How to become a dictator, a new Telegraph podcast on China’s leader. Bonus: What next for China and Xi Jinping


November 18,2022

Uncle Xi, Chairman of Everything, China’s CEO, Mao 2.0, Winnie the Pooh, Steamed Bun. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has many names, but what do we really know about him? The Telegraph’s award-winning China Correspondent Sophia Yan is going to find out – but this might be her toughest assignment yet. Wish her luck.

A look inside how Xi Jinping permeates every aspect of daily life in China, from the streets to schools to people’s phones. The extraordinary new levels of propaganda and censorship under him mean one thing: he is turning himself into Mao Zedong 2.0. Meanwhile, The Telegraph’s Sophia Yan deals with the increasingly grim reality of reporting in China.

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