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New Culture Forum – So What You’re Saying Is: The New Puritans: How Social Justice Captured the Western World – Andrew Doyle


Upload August 21,2022

On this week’s #SWYSI we are joined by commentator, author and GB News presenter Andrew Doyle to discuss his upcoming book, “The New Puritans: How the Religion of Social Justice Captured the Western World”, an exploration of our current cultural climate and an urgent appeal to return to a truly liberal society.

The puritans of the seventeenth century sought to refashion society in accordance with their own beliefs, but they were deep thinkers who were aware of their own fallibility. Today, in the grasp of the new puritans, Andrew Doyle sees a very different story.

According to Doyle, the new puritanism movement, leading a cultural revolution driven by identity politics and so-called ‘social justice’, is best understood as a religion – one that makes grand claims to moral purity and tolerates no dissent. Its disciples even have their own language, rituals and a determination to root out sinners through what has become known as ‘cancel culture’.

Doyle examines the underlying belief-systems of this ideology, and how it has risen so rapidly to dominate all major political, cultural and corporate institutions. He reasons that, to move forward, we need to understand where these new puritans came from and what they hope to achieve. Written in the spirit of optimism and understanding, Doyle offers an eloquent and powerful case for the reinstatement of liberal values and explains why it’s important we act now.

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