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London’s Burning – #37 – S05E04


Watch soon as may disappear

London’s Burning is a British television drama programme, produced by London Weekend Television for the ITV network. It was based on the 1986 TV movie of the same name and focused on the lives of members of the London Fire Brigade, principally those of the Blue Watch, at the fictional Blackwall fire station. It began with the movie (pilot), broadcast on 7 December 1986. This was then followed by a total of 14 series, which ran from 20 February 1988 to 25 August 2002.

This Episode

George’s brother-in-law Cyril is threatened by debt collectors but Beattie does not get an explanation. Bayleaf goes to talk to Karen, who remains stubborn about wanting custody of Melanie. A well-dressed woman has apparently locked herself out of her house and sweet-talks Nick into breaking in for her. The men are all charmed by her, only Kate is suspicious, but nobody listens to her. Despite the lady’s calls to be careful, Recall manages to destroy half of the bathroom when he climbs through the window. In the evening, a furious stranger comes to the fire station demanding to see the station officer. He yells at Nick that the “charming lady” was in fact his ex-wife whom he had tried to keep out of the house by changing the locks on the doors. Now she has run off with half of the household. Nick and the boys realise they have been had and that Kate was right all along. During rehearsals for Richard III, Jean and Cynthia continually bicker. George and Kelly are just visiting when the debt collectors appear at Beattie’s place. George drives them away for the time being and offers Beattie to move in with them. Sicknote takes Cynthia home after the rehearsal and kisses her, but she runs off. The next morning, Karen and her Spanish boyfriend come to Melanie’s school and lure her away. At the fire station, Kevin asks Nick about a possible promotion and Nick suggests an Advanced Firefighting course. Thick fog causes an accident on the motorway and a huge pile-up. A man is trapped in his burning car. Blue Watch manage to get through to the site of the accident and Nick sees a lorry with gas bottles that could possibly explode and later on do so. The firefighters try to support the many victims, while Nick and Hallam wonder about onlookers and reckless drivers. On coming home, Bayleaf realises that Karen has kidnapped Melanie.

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