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New Culture Forum – So What You’re Saying Is: Peter Hitchens – British Education: Triumph to Tragedy


Upload November 20,2022 – Peter Hitchens – British Education: Triumph to TragedyA Revolution Betrayed: How Egalitarians Wrecked British Education

Peter Hitchens returns to our #SWYSI sofa to discuss his new book: “A Revolution Betrayed: How Egalitarians Wrecked the British Education System”, which also provides an in-depth look at what will happen if things don’t change radically.

There are few subjects that cause parents more stress than the education of their children. Peter Hitchens describes the misjudgements made by politicians over the years that have led to the increase of class distinction and privilege in our education system. This is of course the opposite of what was intended.

Given that the cost of private secondary education is now in the region of £200,000 and the cream of Comprehensive Schools are now oversubscribed, parents are spending thousands on private tutoring and fee-paying prep schools in order to get their children into these academically excellent schools. Meanwhile hypocritical Labour politicians like Diane Abbott send their children to expensive private day schools. So, what alternatives – if any – are there?

Peter Hitchens argues that in trying to bring about an educational system which is egalitarian, the politicians have created a system which is the exact opposite. And what’s more, it is a system riddled with anomalies – Sixth Form Colleges select pupils on ability at the age of 15, which rules out any child who does not have major educational backing from home (heavy involvement by working parents or private tutors, for example) and academies also are selective, though they pretend not to be.

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