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Spectator TV: Xi-Biden hotline & Andrew Neil on Brexit – The Week in 60 Minutes – 24/11/22


Cindy Yu, The Spectator’s assistant editor, speaks to chairman Andrew Neil and historian Robert Tombs about where Brexit went wrong. On the rest of the show, writer Tanjil Rashid says the BBC is running out of steam, Spectator contributor Owen Matthews and security expert Emma Ashford discuss how America and China cooperated in Ukraine, and columnist Toby Young explains the supplement concoction that he thinks is keeping him healthy.

THIS EPISODE: 00:00 – Welcome from Cindy Yu 01:35 – Xi and Biden’s secret talks, with Owen Matthews and Emma Ashford 12:49 – Politics update: with James Forsyth and Katy Balls 20:41 – Where did Brexit go wrong? With Andrew Neil and Robert Tombs 39:08 – Is the BBC running out of steam? With Andrew Neil and Tanjil Rashid 55:27 – Toby Young: Does my supplement concoction work?

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