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Waking the Dead: #3 – S01E01 – Part 1/2 – Burn Out


The Series

Waking the Dead is a British television police procedural crime drama series, produced by the BBC, that centres on a fictional London-based Cold Case unit composed of CID police officers, a psychological profiler and a forensic scientist. A pilot episode aired in September 2000, and a total of nine series followed. Each story is split into two hour-long episodes, shown on consecutive nights on BBC One.

This Episode

When a young woman, Marina, sets alight an abandoned car in the middle of a busy street, and takes photographs of it as it burns, Boyd is forced to pin her to the ground, attempting to shield her from the possible explosion. Boyd later discovers that Marina’s father died in a car accident a few years previously in the same street, and that Marina refuses to accept that his death was simply an accident. Boyd is intrigued, and reluctantly agrees to investigate. Frankie performs forensic tests on Marina’s father’s car, and proves that he was still alive after the crash, and could have easily escaped. However, the answers they uncover may mean that the danger to Marina is much greater than any of them had thought possible. Boyd has Marina’s uncle, Mike Coleman, and her mother, Gwen, brought in for questioning, while Frankie searches their house. As she finds items that were recovered from the car nine years ago, she suspects that Perry Coleman was being blackmailed by Rod Brogan. When Boyd has the body exhumed, the DNA results surprise everyone. Featuring Simon Kunz as DAC Ralph Christie, Angela Griffin as Marina Coleman, Clive Russell as Perry Coleman and Beverly Hills as Gwen Coleman.

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