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Classic Comedy: Waiting for God – Graham Crowden, Stephanie Cole, Janine Duvitski, Daniel Hill – #29 – S04E01 – Financial Difficulties


This Episode

Diana is horrified to find that she is unaccountably in the red and goes up to London to cause a fuss,only to discover that all her investments have gone into receivership. Back in Bayview Tom’s room is suffering from severe rising damp so Tom comes up with a solution that will sort things out for them both. They will live together in one large room. Diana accepts this but draws the line at being carried over the threshold.

About the Series

Waiting for God is a British sitcom that ran on BBC1 from 28 June 1990 to 27 October 1994 starring Graham Crowden as Tom and Stephanie Cole as Diana, two spirited residents of a retirement home who spend their time running rings around the home’s oppressive management and their own families. It was written by Michael Aitkens. The show became very successful, running for five series.

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