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Ridley: #1 – The Peaceful Garden – Adrian Dunbar, Bronagh Waugh


Watch soon as may disappear

This Episode

The Peaceful Garden written by Jonathan Fisher and Paul Matthew Thompson. Directed by Bryn Higgins. Aired on ITV, 28 August 2022.
Tasked with solving a complex crime, Ridley investigates the murder of a sheep farmer, and the connections with the disappearance of a young child many years previously, and a convicted sex offender

The Series

Ridley is a British police procedural drama in four standalone stories created and written by Paul Matthew Thompson, the creator of the police drama Vera, and Jonathan Fisher.

The series stars Adrian Dunbar in the role of Alex Ridley. The former detective inspector is brought back in as a consultant 18 months after an early retirement due to a nervous breakdown from having to come to terms with the loss of his wife and daughter in a house fire. He spends some of his retirement time as a pianist and singer in a jazz club of which he is a co-owner. He assists former colleague Carol Farman (Bronagh Waugh), newly promoted to detective inspector.

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