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New Culture Forum – So What You’re Saying Is: Samantha Smith – I’m A Victim of Grooming: Telford Police Want Me Silent But I Am Speaking Out


Upload November 06,2022 – Samantha Smith – I’m A Victim of Grooming: Telford Police Want Me Silent But I Am Speaking Out

Student Samantha Smith is a survivor of long-term child sexual abuse in Telford. She has waived her anonymity to speak out on behalf of the victims of grooming and sexual abuse and hopefully, by doing so, encourage and empower other victims to also come forward. She joins us to reveal the horrific treatment she received not only at the hands of her abusers but also from the institutions that were meant to protect her: police, social services, the local authority.

Girls like her were belittled, dismissed and denigrated by police and social workers who, for reasons of political correctness and class bias, chose to side with the abusers rather than the victims.

She reveals that whilst West Mercia police did nothing to help her when she tried to seek help against her abusers, as soon as she went on television to speak about her ordeal and expose police failings, she was suddenly a person of interest and received an intimidating visit the very next day. Samantha says the police had no grounds for visiting her and it felt like they wanted to silence her for speaking out.

Today, in addition to speaking out about child sexual exploitation and abuse, Samantha also appears in the media (from GB News to The Telegraph) where she speaks and writes about education, campus free speech and social mobility.

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