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DW News: To The Point – Tanks for Ukraine: Is the West joining the war?


Jannuary 12,2023

Britain and Poland have confirmed that they will send modern heavy tanks to Ukraine. While the US, Germany and France have also promised armored vehicles for the first time since the war began in February. “The time of weapons taboo has passed”, that’s what Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote in a Facebook post this week. He stressed that this year Ukraine will finally receive arms from its allies which it failed to receive last year. But Ukraine also says it’s not enough. Meanwhile fighting continues in the region of Donbas for the last four months. On To the Point we’re asking: Tanks for Ukraine: Is the West joining the war?

Our guests: Christoph von Marschall, Tagesspiegel Jessica Berlin, German Marshall Fund Roman Goncharenko, DW

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