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Mike Graham with Peter Hitchens: Peter Hitchens blames drug users like Prince Harry for narcotics trade ‘misery’ – 16/01/23


Peter Hitchens: Britain is a ‘country of excuses’

Harry has admitted taking class A drugs as a teenager at a country house but said it did not make him feel happy. Speaking to ITV’s Tom Bradby about his new book Spare, the duke said it was “important to acknowledge” his drug-taking, which included marijuana, magic mushrooms and cocaine. Bradby told him: “I mean, I think it’s an example of the scale of honesty. You don’t seem to hold anything back. You tell the story about cocaine through this tabloid editor, you said, came to you and said, ‘I’ve got a picture of you taking cocaine. I’m gonna…’” Harry interjected: “Didn’t come to me, he came to someone else.” Bradby continued: “Yeah, OK, but ‘we’re gonna release it unless you give us a tell-all interview’, whatever it was they wanted. “And you say, ‘I called their bluff’, and you’re quite pleased with it. But I just want to be clear, are you really saying that, third in line to the throne or whatever you were, you taking a class A drug is not a matter of public interest? Cause I think that’s a question people will have. Do you accept that is a matter of public interest for the press? Harry replied: “I think what’s a matter of public interest is, is the relationship between the institution with the tabloid media. That to me is more public interest in, anything else.”

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