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Doc Martin: #35 – S05E05 – Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNiece, Sarah Cadell, Joe Absolom, Eileen Atkins – Remember Me


PC Joe Penhale has an unexpected visitor: his ex-wife Maggie Reid (Julie Graham), who appears to have completely forgotten that they split up a couple of years ago. He asks her if she knows the current date, and she says it’s the year 2008 (not the current 2011). Maggie’s boyfriend telephones Penhale trying to find her, and Maggie says she doesn’t know him. Penhale is torn between being with her, since he still loves her, or straightening out her seeming lapse of memory of the past few years. He takes her to Large’s restaurant, where fellow diner Martin quickly spots that Maggie is showing symptoms of transient global amnesia. Bert and Al Large argue over unpaid bills, and Bert tries unsuccessfully to get Martin to invest in the restaurant. He also visits loan sharks and tries to hock some of his personal possessions to raise needed funds. After they refuse, he borrows money from them, and lies to Al about straightening out the finances. Louisa’s mother Eleanor (Louise Jameson) catches up with her old school friend Paul Hale (John Duttine), a local fisherman, who takes her out on a date. When addison’s disease causes Paul to collapse on his boat, and Martin has to rush to his rescue, Eleanor laughs about his collapse. Morwenna arrives at the surgery with an injured foot and the doctor grimaces at the sight of the blood as he treats the wound. Ellingham notices that Morwenna avoids having a tetanus vaccine and realises she is frightened of needles. PC Penhale warns Martin and Louisa that if they do not register a name for their son soon, the state will be forced to step in. In the end they name their son James Henry Ellingham, after both their grandfathers. Martin registers the name without telling Louisa

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