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Rob’s London: Exploring London’s Pubs: Ten Pubs, Ten Stories (Volume I)


When I lived in London I visited several of these, ones I remember well are The Lamb and Flag, The Old Bull and Bush, The Spaniards Inn, The Grenadier and The Town of Ramsgate

Jun 18, 2021

In this video we’ll be looking at 10 London pubs, all of which have an intriguing tale or two to tell- including one that lends its name to an unfinished tube station, a bare-knuckle boxing venue and the tavern frequented by the villainous Bill Sikes… Cheers!

Chapters in this video: 00.00: Intro 00.52: The Hoops and Grapes EC3 01.33: The Lamb and Flag WC2 02.51: The Old Bull and Bush NW3 04.27: The Spaniards Inn NW3 05.20: The Falcons SW11 06.21: The Grenadier SW1 07.25: The King and Queen W1 08.03: The One Tun EC1 09.30: The Town of Ramsgate E1 11.07: The Windmill SW2 12.20: Outro


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