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Doc Martin: #46 – S06E08 – Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNiece, Sarah Cadell, Joe Absolom, Eileen Atkins, Jessica Ransom – Departure


Louisa decides to leave for Spain with baby James and says an awkward goodbye to Martin, who becomes teary-eyed and sad that they are leaving. He is so distraught that he cannot concentrate on his medical practice. A patient comes to him for headaches, and he absent-mindlessly inoculates her for rabies. Martin seeks Ruth’s advice about his personal life. She tells him all his problems are rooted in being raised by parents who were cold and distant, and advises him that he does not have to be like his parents. Martin finally corners his mother Margaret, who makes up a story about his father’s wishes on his dying bed. Martin knows she’s lying, and makes her admit that her real motive in visiting him at Portwenn is to get him to give her enough money to buy a country cottage. He insists she leave his home.

When Martin finds the scan of Louisa’s brain, he spots a malformation and realises she could have a haemorrhage. Martin gets to the airport, and removes Louisa and James who have already boarded the plane. He takes her immediately to a medical facility. Martin apologizes to her for not being a good husband, and asks for a second chance. He then locks the nervous young doctor in a closet, and performs the procedure himself. Al presents a business plan to Ruth to turn her acreage into a bed and breakfast tourist fishing resort. He is forced to delay a meeting with her, to help Bert with his engagement party. Ruth does her homework and sees that Al has presented a solid business plan, and she agrees to it with the stipulation that Al manage the business and leave her as a silent partner. As a joke, someone told PC Penhale that Bert’s party was a costume party, so he shows up dressed as a New York City policeman, complete with fake mustache. Radio presenter Caroline Bosman (Felicity Montagu) receives an electrical shock that knocks her out. Morwenna calls Martin, but Mrs. Tishell tries to push Morwenna out of the way to revive Caroline, convinced Martin wants her personally to administer CPR. Al borrows a defibrillator kit from the Life Boat Station, and is able to save her life, while Morwenna keeps Mrs. Tishell away.

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