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New Statesman: NI deal a “ turning point” for Rishi Sunak – and Brexit – Andrew Marr


March 03,2023

The New Statesman podcast is now on YouTube. Anoosh Chakelian and New Statesman colleagues including political editor Andrew Marr discuss the latest in UK politics news, helping you understand the forces shaping British politics today. —

The New Statesman brings you unrivalled analysis of of the latest UK and international politics. On our YouTube channel you’ll find insight on the top news and global current affairs stories, as well as insightful interviews with politicians, advisers and leading political thinkers, to help you understand the political and economic forces shaping the world.

With regular contributions from our writers including Political Editor Andrew Marr and Anoosh Chakelian – host of the New Statesman podcast – we’ll help you understand the world of politics and global affairs from Westminster to Washington and beyond.

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