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BBC TV Drama: Telford’s Change (1979) – #2 – E02 – Peter Barkworth, Hannah Gordon, Keith Barron

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IMdb Summary

Telford had worked for many years in a bank, and had progressed to a senior role which involved him travelling overseas. He decided that he wanted a change, so he applied for the job of manager in a small provincial branch in Dover. He raised a few eyebrows back at headquarters for his lenient attitude to debtors, but he succeeded in attracting a large Dutch firm to open an office in the town and to bank with his branch. After badly advising the managing director of a local electronics firm to expand too quickly, he rescued the situation by suggesting that the MD should act as financial advisor to a brilliant inventor who had no idea how to run a successful business. Mrs Telford did not want to move to Dover and stayed with her teenage son in London. Before long she had met a theatre director (played by Keith Barron) and they tentatively began having an affair. By the final episode, Telford had got the concept of being a bank manager out of his system and was arranging to go back to his previous job. At a first-night party for a play being staged by Mrs Telford’s lover, Telford showed up unexpectedly and gave a very charming and magnanimous speech in praise of the lover’s theatrical abilities, while making it quite clear that he knew full-well what his wife had been up to and that, while he did not in any way condone it, he desperately wanted her back

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