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Normandy: #07 – D-Day: Omaha Beach From the GERMAN Perspective – History Traveler Episode 181


December 13, 2021

This episode was produced in partnership with The Gettysburg Museum of History. See how you can support history education & artifact preservation by visiting their website & store at https://www.gettysburgmuseumofhistory…

Part 7 of the “Normandy 1944” Series There are few places that evoke emotion in the same way that Omaha Beach does. On D-Day, this was the site of some of the most fierce fighting that took place along the Normandy coastline. But what did it look like from the German perspective? In this episode, we’re exploring some of the defenses in the Dog Green and Charlie sectors to see June 6th, 1944 in the same way that the German defenders saw it.

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