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About Adam Smith 1922

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Wellington based, have worked in many countries, avid reader. Consider myself liberal on social issues, but tend to the right economically.

Abhor extremes, especially the xenophobia so often encountered in Australasia.

Would regard myself as rational on most issues, but others could well disagree.

Like travel, cricket, cinema, food (meat, veg, Chinese, Indian, English, French – not fusion) , wine, and music (folk, rock, jazz, blues, opera)

English, my wife the sensible one, is Kiwi.

Why did I start to blog. Well firstly I started reading other blogs, then I was drawn to commenting. Finally, I thought I needed to show I had a mind of my own and should reflect my own personality. In addition, Mrs Smith thought it would stop me shouting at the TV and kicking the cat.

Amongst my ambitions are the following:

  • to attend the Boxing Day Cricket Test in Australia
  • to attend any Cricket Test at the Bridgetown Oval in Barbados
  • drink only quality red wine
  • work hard
  • have fun
  • visit Prague again

Have a sense of humour

I have a weakness for cartoons, especially political cartoons

Likes political and legal thrillers

Film noir

Am not a green, nor an environmentalist, but am increasingly concerned about food security, governance and potential global conflict

Adam can be contacted on the following email:-

Adam – an UPDATE

For a longtime Adam has posted as Adam, but Adam has decided to come out.  Many have known for years, so let’s make it obvious.

Adam is Peter Salmon.

I am a proud Englishman, with a marvellous NZ wife.

I live in Lower Hutt in NZ.

I am a social liberal, but I detest Jacinda Ardern.

I am pro the environment, but think the NZ Greens have lost the plot

I support the NZ National Party, but their direction and leadership is a concern

I support free speech

I hate racism, religious bigotry etc in all it’s forms

I have, ever since I came to live in NZ detested Winston Peters, he is a detestable human being – he and his policies drove one of my best employees out of NZ

I love NZ with all it’s faults and attributes


Oh dear I forgot I hate Trump he is not the America I knew

I am an economic liberal in the best sense of the word

I detest the degradation of language

I think much of NZ  media reports are crap

Blogging has been fun, informative and has kept me mentally alert.

Anyway, I am grateful for all the support I have received over the years.

To everyone, please keep safe and healthy wherever you are.

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