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The Labour/Green MOU

June 10, 2016
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This cartoon in The Listener grabbed my attention. Slane is a great cartoonist, but I would tend to think of him as left of centre, so this was especially welcome


A reality check

June 6, 2016

Adam enjoys reading Whaleoil, as despite what so many say Mr Slater has some shrewd analysis and many of his commentators in the threads are knowledgeable as well. Furthermore his moderation policy is reasonable, applied fairly and without bias. Some other blogs would do well to emulate his approach.

This comment this evening was especially striking and apposite:-

Andrew Little, in his speech at the Green’s conference, made mention no less than six times, how the economy is favouring “only a few at the very top” or words to that effect. And I’m sure we have all heard it ad nauseum in other communications involving him.

My challenge for you Andrew is – Name those few at the very top. You know, the ones you claim are John Key’s mates. Whilst the rest of us wallow in poverty you owe it to us to expose these economic saboteurs who meet in a secret location every week with JK so they can plot an economy that only they will benefit from. Andrew if ever you had an opportunity to make a name for yourself, it is now. You owe it to your people and your country to free us from the shackles of this repugnant “few at the very top” gang. It could be a slightly harder proposition though, naming all of JK’s mates. There were 1,200,000 of them at the last election! If my memory serves me well, I recall your mates in New Plymouth told you to take a hike.

Cartoon for today – Monday 06/06/2016

June 6, 2016

Cartoon have been in the news a lot in recent years. They seem to cause offence to many. Adam hopes this one upset a great many people.


Al Nisbet in The Dominion Post.

RIP – Dave Swarbrick

June 6, 2016

The great Dave Swarbrick has died.

Legendary folk musician and a leading light in the folk environment.

Probably known to many through his work with Fairport Convention, but he contributed in so many other ways.He pioneered the electric fiddle in English folk.

Here is Fairport’s classic Liege and Leaf album with Swarbs, Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson as part of the superb line-up.


Just because I like it

May 29, 2016


Bob Dylan turns 75

May 25, 2016

On May 24 US time, Bob Dylan one of the greatest songwriters and singers turns 75.

Adam will be featuring a number of Dylan songs today and in the next few days.

Here is a favourite:


Late Night Music

May 22, 2016

Hugh Laurie’s Didn’t Rain Album


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