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Farrar calls out the Ardern fan-club for their hypocrisy and Ardern for her stupidity


David Farrar has posted on how Ardern’s stupidity has led to widely reported comments which at best suggest naivety, others just seem to indicate she is seen as a rather silly neophyte.

What is very telling is the ending to the post.

The final aspect of this saga is how precious left activists are because a journalist vigorously questioned Ardern on the story she created.

Tame even had columns appear in Stuff condemning him because he kept persisting with trying to get a straight answer from Ardern for six minutes. If Tame had challenged John Key for six minutes on an issue, he’d be held up as a champion of journalism and Key be condemned as evasive. But many on the left can’t abide anything that is challenging of Ardern.

Tame, a journalist Adam has little time for, exposed just how superficial and shallow Ardern is. Furthermore he showed up her tendency to obfuscate and spin (aka lie) whenever pressed. Ardern coud not even take the heat over what what was manifestly her own fault caused by her big-noting to a so-called friend.

She is the Prime Minister of NZ, not a wannabe disc jockey. She is not fit to hold the office of PM.

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