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Sloppy Journalism #41 – Stuff calls Simeon Brown MP’s stance on gangs controversial


May 08,2021

I was shocked, just like Capitaine Renault

And the cause of my shock in the article, which was by one Brittany Keogh and related to the arrest of a man on alleged death threats against Brown.

Towards the end of the article Keogh wrote:

Brown has made headlines recently for his controversial stance on gangs.


In so far as I can recall, without searching for copious detail, Brown has called out the pandering to gangs and for gangs to be subject to the law.

The implication in the article of Ms Keogh’s comment is that somehow this is wrong.

Well, my response is this:

1 Gangs are not, not community organisations, whatever their PR claims and their apologists say

2 Gangs are not service groups like Rotary

3 Gangs are organised criminal groups guilty of many crimes

4 Saying gangs are wrong and criminal should not be considered controversial, indeed it should be the norm

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  1. 09/05/2021 14:08

    No, it’s very controversial to say that gangs should stop selling meth, and hand in their illegal guns. It’s totally controversial to in any way suggest that gangs should follow the law.


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