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Climate Change Commission chair confident NZ can switch to an electric car fleet . Really?


June 09,2021

Rod Carr, CCC Chair is confident NZ can switch to an electric car fleet. The audio clip is from m HDPA’s NewstalkZB show.

My reaction was to remember Mandy Rice Davies response to a question from counsel at Stephen Ward’s trail regarding veracity of testimony from Lord Astor ‘Well he would, wouldn’t he?

The media is full of segments like this, where people like Carr and Shaw make glib assertions with little or no pushback.

Yet we know from the draft report and subsequently that this report is fallacious in many respects.

The claims re EV are open to major challenge and assume major infrastructure changes, which assumption is in itself highly questionable.

We really need the media to hold these people to account and not to blithely accept their propositions as Holy Writ.

Matt Burgess of the NZ Initiative had a good article in Stuff the other day, illustrating some of the flaws in the Commission’s proposals, not least were major issues with their analysis.

Furthermore, let us remember that this Commission has been very secretive and far from open and transparent, indeed it has been very partisan in it’s media positioning.

Indeed, I not aware of the questions raised in my earlier post being addressed as yet, including:

What process is in place for review?

How can affected parties assess the validity of the findings if underlying data, etc is not released?

Will the report be peer reviewed, and if so who by?

My comment from my earlier post is still relevant, in my view:

As usual with this government, we see an authoritarian approach being adopted. This model will be used to base critical decisions affecting all aspects of life going forward, but the basis for the model is to be withheld during the relatively short consultation period.

If anything my concerns have increased, especially given the Project Fear approach being taken by Ardern and Shaw when they spoke about the report the other day.

More on this later

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  1. 12/06/2021 08:45

    Steven Joyce: ‘The commission repeated and extended the draconian list of changes it said had to be made to our way of life in short order to beat back climate change. The most jaw-dropping part of the report was that it refused to rank its proposals by performing any sort of cost-benefit assessment.

    In fact according to the chief commissioner, the commission deliberately didn’t determine its policy prescription according to benefits and costs but had instead considered its own assessment of “other” values of our society, which it considered more important. Such as using buses ahead of even battery-powered cars.

    Of course this reduces the commission’s prescriptions to nothing more than a set of subjective “reckons”, no better or worse than anything you might hear down the pub.’


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      12/06/2021 08:59

      Many thanks for that as zi had missed those comments, which chime in with my thoughts


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