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UnHerd: Lockdown TV – Swedish Covid-19 Chief – Anders Tegnell


There are some important points made here. There are some lessons for NZ here and how you run a country and continue to have a properly functioning society.

September 24, 2021

A year ago Anders Tegnell, said judge me in a year, below is the most recent interview, plus the original interview.

See the UnHerd article as well

Of all the celebrities that have been created during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, Swedish State Epidemiologist is perhaps the most surprising.

A softly-spoken official within the Swedish Health Agency, he has quietly been going about his work monitoring infectious diseases for years. But his decision, when Covid hit, to stick to his long-established plan and not recommend mandatory lockdowns, not close the schools, turned him into a lightning rod for competing views on the pandemic. Endless articles have been written about him in media across the world and some Swedes are known to have had tattoos made of him.

UnHerd spoke to him back in July 2020, when he defended the lack of mask mandates and was hopeful that widespread immunity would protect the Swedes from a bad winter wave — a hope that turned out to be overly optimistic. “Judge me in a year,” he said.

Just over a year later, on the eve of Sweden releasing almost all of its remaining Covid restrictions on September 29th, Freddie Sayers spoke to him again. His message? On the big questions — whether Covid was something we had to live with, whether schools should be shut — he believes he has been vindicated.

As ever, many thanks to Anders for taking the time.

// Timecodes // 00:0001:21– Introduction 01:2103:55 – Was Swedish policy a success? 03:5505:30 – On the vaccine 05:3008:47 – Sweden’s relaxing of restrictions 08:4709:51 – Were you wrong? 09:5113:48 – The Swedish experience 13:4815:10 – How divided are people over Covid policy? 15:1017:56 – ‘Were there moments when you thought, have I got this right?’ 17:5619:46 – Worries about future epidemics 19:4620:31 – ‘I’ve had two pandemics. That’s probably at least one too many.’ 20:3121:16 – Final thought

This also posted a while back but is reposted for ease of comparison

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