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Al Jazeera – Investigations: The Labour Files #3/4 – The Hierarchy


Whilst I am not surprised unduly by the revelations, but this seems to be a hard left smear on Starmer and an emphasis on being pro Corbyn

September 25,2022

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit reveals how a British political party that claims to embrace progressive values created a hierarchy of racism that discriminated against its Black, Asian and Muslim members. Interviews, internal documents and social media messages shared by the most senior staff in Britain’s Labour Party betray a racist culture where abuse was aimed at their own colleagues, councillors and political leaders. The Labour Files exposes how a battle for the heart of the UK’s main opposition party led to combatting anti-Semitism while creating secret dossiers to suspend Muslim members and shut down local democracy. Labour’s campaign to present a tough image on anti-Semitism while ignoring other forms of discrimination drove many staff to resign. One senior Labour staffer of Asian descent compared working in the Labour offices to be attacked by a racist thug.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this film reported that some WhatsApp messages about MP Diane Abbott suffering illness came after she announced that she had diabetes. In fact, some of the messages were written before her condition became publicly known.

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