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C4 News: Ukraine makes biggest breakthrough in south since war with Russia began


October 04,2022

Ukraine continues to be on a military roll. Its army has made its biggest breakthrough against Russian forces in the south of the country since the war there began.

Ukrainian troops are advancing near the southern city of Kherson after recapturing several villages in the region. They’ve also consolidated gains in the east.

Our International Editor Lindsey Hilsum has tracked the route of the Ukrainian counter-offensive from Izium toward Lyman – stopping in the villages of Yatskivka and Sviatogirsk along the way.

Filmed and edited by Soren Munk and produced by Rob Hodge.

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  1. Roys the name, truths the game permalink
    05/10/2022 17:36

    Watching Western media embedded in Kiev is not about getting the truth but getting Zelensky propaganda.

    I recommend you look at some independent observers who look at sources from both sides of the conflict.

    There are a few, this guy does a daily report


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