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Doc Martin: #38 – S05E08 – Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNiece, Sarah Cadell, Joe Absolom, Eileen Atkins – Ever After


Mrs. Tishell discovers that she can no longer hide her infatuation with Dr. Ellingham and she decides that she must take drastic action, fuelled by a cocktail of drugs that are affecting her judgment. Her husband Clive (Malcolm Storry) shows up and announces his retirement. After a check-up with Marin, Clive learns he has to inject himself everyday, to keep his blood from clotting. Louisa’s mother Eleanor says she’s leaving town for a while. Mrs. Tishell mis-dispenses eyedrops to PC Penhale causing him to crash his Land Rover. Martin asks Mrs. Tishell to look after James for the day, and to otherwise give her husband Clive his daily injections. Clive Tishell thinks Martin and his wife have been having an affair during his long absence, the thought of which is abhorrent to Martin. She mistakenly thinks that Martin has sent her a covert message through a young couple he has treated, and she vanishes with James to a nearby holiday home. The drugs, for a few hours, cause her to think that James is hers and Ellingham’s son. Martin, Louisa, Aunt Ruth and PC Penhale chase after her. To coax her out of the locked house, Martin pretends to profess his love for Mrs Tishell and a desire to stay in Portwenn, while actually aiming his remarks at Louisa. James Henry is rescued, Martin and Louisa profess their love, kiss and reconcile.

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