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The #chanban may well be illegal within terms of China FTA


David Shearer and Labour’s latest rush of blood to the head, the policy on banning foreigners from owning  existing houses,colloquially known by the sobriquet of the ‘#chanban’ after the recent #man ban debacle and the clear indications that the policy is aimed at Chinese, may well prove to be an even bigger own goal.

Lawyer Stephen Franks suggests that the policy, seen by many as a very thinly disguised attack on Chinese residents and investors in NZ, may well be contrary to the NZ China FTA.

Adam reflects on the irony of the major trade triumph of the Clark years, one much trumpeted as a huge success for Labour’s skills, now being besmirched by this tawdry policy aimed at appealing to the latent and not so latent prejudice in NZ against Chinese. This ill judged policy may cause untold damage to New Zealand’s trade prospects and not just with China, but with other nations as well, especially those in Asia.

Naturally as such it appeals to the Greens and NZ First, both parties with expensive policies but no means of paying for them as they will shrink the economy, not grow it.


  1. pdm permalink
    29/07/2013 17:40

    There is a simple answer two your question Inv – Desperation


  2. 29/07/2013 16:44

    The China FTA was one of the few things that we have to thank Phil Goff and Helen Clark for. Quite why Labour’s attitude to China and its people has changed so much in five years is difficult to comprehend.


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