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Major Fail by Transport for London


TfL traffic wardens have issued parking tickets for cars within the police cordon established due to the terrorist London Bridge attack. The tickets are supposed to be rescinded. OK, but they should never have been issued.

The nature of the response can be seen in this comment on a Telegraph article thread:-

Geoff Lusk 8 Jun 2017 11:59AM


Who is ultimately responsible for TFL as they should hang their head in shame. This is an absolute disgrace. “You ran away from being knifed and left your car upon the instructions of the police, and now you are going to get a ticket”. FRO.

You are free to be a jihadi and come and go to Libya/Syria with impunity, but if you are forced to abandon your car in a crisis you will feel the force of the law. Top job.

What sort of country is this. I despair.

You couldn’t make this up in terms of insensitivity. One presumes the wardens were just following orders.

It is worth noting the traffic vampires acted the same in Manchester post the atrocity there. Heads need to roll.

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